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Look for a fun game to play with friends in a party? Look for a new and exciting game? Like a photo hunt game but bore with existing ones? Huntoto is your answer. It is a photo hunt game with a new and very unique feature. The feature is creating a photo hunt game from your album, camera, and Facebook photos. The game employs novel techniques to produce differences in photos that are not easy but fun to hunt. The techniques include but not limited to removing an object, increasing size of an object, face detection, text recognition, and much more. Forget the boring problem with traditional photo hunt games that you eventually finish all photos.

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– 500+ photos in campaign mode.
– Play with your album, Facebook, and camera photos in freeplay mode.
– 10+ game items to support in your hunt for differences.
– 3 avatars for you to pick from. Each with unique powers.

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There are two play modes including campaign and free play mode. In the campaign mode, you are provided with more than 500 photos featuring major tourist attractions from 10 different countries in Europe. Playing through this mode, you preview more than 25 cities while enjoying the game.

In the free play mode, you create a photo hunt game based on your photos. You input the photos with three different options. First, you can take photos with your iPad’s camera and play right away with “Shoot & Play”. Second, you can pick photos from your album or Facebook album and play immediately after with “Pick & Play”. Lastly, you can randomly select photos from your album with “Random and play”. In addition, you can also play from your history games. In particular, any games that you create from the first three options will be saved and you can replay them again anytime.


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