McDonald’s Norge Frokost Alarm


We develop the Frokost Alarm app in iOS, as a subapp within the Mcdonald Norway app in collaboration with CodeBeat AB. This “Frokost Alarm” enables users for participating in McDonald’s campaign that will give away free breakfasts in McDonald’s Norway campaign. The key idea is you set the alarm on the app, and when you wake up, you can go and use the coupon provided in the App in a McDonald’s branch in Norway.


iOS-Simulator-Screen-shot-Sep-24-2556-BE-5.45.03-PM-200x300 iOS-Simulator-Screen-shot-Sep-24-2556-BE-5.45.15-PM-200x300 iOS-Simulator-Screen-shot-Sep-24-2556-BE-5.45.22-PM-200x300 iOS-Simulator-Screen-shot-Sep-24-2556-BE-5.45.37-PM-200x300 iOS-Simulator-Screen-shot-Sep-24-2556-BE-5.48.21-PM-200x300