Stack Mobile


Stack Mobile is an Android app for managing your OpenStack cloud on the go. The app gives you a control of your cloud infrastructure from anywhere at anytime. It is compatible with OpenStack-based clouds for version Grizzly+. Note that the app requires a direct network access between your phone and API endpoints of your clouds (Keystone, Nova, Cinder, Glance, Neutron API endpoints).


Key features of the app currently include:
1. Managing multiple accounts
– Have multiple OpenStack accounts? No worry about it, simply put them in the app, and you can manage either of them from the app.


2. Instance management
– Launch your instance, rename an instance, view information about your instance, suspend & resume instances, see console logs, create snapshots, launch from snapshots, view flavors.

screen4-instance_list-180x300  screen5-instance_detail-180x300  screen6-Launch-168x300

3. Volume management
– Create new volume, attach volume to an instance, create a volume snapshot
5. Security group management
– View security groups, view and add security rules
6. Usage report
– View usage within specified date ranges.


7. Limit summary
– Display your current usage compared to your project’s quota.


8. Virtual network/subnet management
– Create a new network, view networks, create a subnet within a network, view subnets within a network
9. Floating IP management
– View floating IPs, associate / dissociate floating IP to/from an instance
10. Multiple Openstack projects
– Have an account that has more than one projects? No worry about it, you can switch the project to manage on the fly within the app.