Toca Hair Salon Me

Android / Game

We helped Tocaboca( ported their Toca Hair Salon Me ( from iOS to Android platform (Google Play and Amazon Store). Similar to its popular predecessors, Hair Salon and Hair Salon 2, the game allows users to customize various hairstyles with various tools, e.g., scissors, color spray, comb, curling. The unique difference in Hair Salon Me is that you can play with arbitrary photos either (1) taking directly from camera or (2) importing from photo gallery. Users can enjoy playing with their friends and family photos.

We provided the following services in this project:

=> Android development (port from existing iOS game-> Android game)

Technology used in this project:

=> Android SDK including APK expansion and license services

=> Unity Engine including custom Unity plugins


HSMe_start_screenHSMe_Take_picHSMe_playscreen_2 HSMe_playscreen HSMe_spray